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How can the Arab world financially and culturally benefit from the video game industry, one of the world’s lucrative industries by revenue?

The world is expected to spend approximately 200+ billion dollars in 2022 in video games (around 3-5 billion alone by MENA)

Our ambition is to channel some of this lucrative sum back into our
societies in the form of employment opportunities for the youth
Contributing our rich culture and heritage to the gaming industry.


Project Infinite currently has two product offerings, with the aim of growing its reach and services to broader audiences in the future.
Its flagship product is Showdown.me, a competitive gaming and esports platform for amateur and professional gamers in the Arab world.
The second product in the works is Stream Infinite, which produces high quality live streams for Sports and esports events.


Project Infinite began as an initiative in 2018, founded by committed, passionate individuals who recognized an untapped potential in the video game industry in the Arab world. The initiative— now a tech startup incorporated in 2022— aims to leverage the video game industry to the economic, cultural, and social benefit of youth across and beyond the Arab region.
At Project Infinite, digital entertainment and gaming are not only a passion but also a means to empower local Arab talent and contribute to the region’s socioeconomic development in a responsible and innovative manner.

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